Residential Systems


Solar power is a great way to reduce your electricity bill at home. But how big should a solar system be and what makes a good system from a bad one?

Now that feed in tariffs, the rate you get paid for giving excess power to the electricity grid, have dropped, the size of your system should relate to your daytime electricity use. This is because when you use the power from your solar system in your home it is worth the usual rate you would have paid for electricity. However if your solar system produces power that you don’t need and it is exported you will receive less, and in some areas nothing, for this feed in.

The ideal system size depends on your home power consumption. For typical households a small 2kw system may only partially reduce your power bill, whilst a 5kW system may knock off most of it.

Another sizing factor is the available space on our roof. Solar modules ideally face north to access the most sun year round. A  rough guide to the space you require is 7m2 per kilowatt of panel installation. This means that for a 2kw system 14 m2  would be needed. The common silicon based solar modules are approximately 1m wide by 1.7m high and can be laid in either landscape or portrait format.

Once the size of the system is determined the right size of inverter can be selected. The inverter converts DC electricity from the modules to AC electricity ready for your house and the grid. Inverters are sophisticated devices which are constantly optimising the way power is collected from the system. Conversion efficiency, effectiveness in dealing with partial shading and performance over life time are key factors in the system performance over time.

At the time of installation your Power partner will explain requirements around any additional meters that may need to be installed (requirements change by region). In accordance with Australian Standards solar installations will have isolation devices accessible from the ground and on the roof near the array.

So if you’re thinking about a solar system for your home have confidence that Power Partners are all accredited, have experience in your local area and use world class inverters and modules to give the best performance over the life of your solar system. Talk with your Power Partner about the right size solar system for your home.

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