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caravan solar panels
solar panels on 4wd caravan

Caravan Solar Panels

Solar power is the perfect solution for anyone who needs power on the move. If you are travelling around Australia by caravan, camping with family and friends or just hiking and bushwalking for the day. Power Partners have a range of portable caravan solar solutions to ensure you can plug into electricity anywhere you need it.

Some Power Partners have qualified auto electricians on staff and the ability to complete all electrical fitouts on site. They have deep knowledge in 12V, 24V and 240V power systems.

The main components for portable power usually include solar panels connected to a solar controller or regulator, which controls the amount of energy that charges the correctly sized battery bank for the appliances you wish to run. They then draw electricity from the battery bank as you require.

There are always some basic questions that your local Power Partner will need to ask you to help you select the right caravan solar panels. Some of those questions include -

  • What do you want to power
  • How long you will be running the appliance (eg 2 hours per day)
  • How long you expect to stop without running your vehicle’s engine

Other questions may need to be asked and if you advise your local Power Partner of your particular power requirements, they can provide the right solar solution to suit your specific energy needs.

Once your installation is complete and your travelling begins you can be sure of support from a local Power partner right around Australia. With over 80 Power Partners in regional centres and some remote towns, you’re in good hands.