These tweaks adjust the site header, the area at the top of your site where the Main Navigation and site title or logo display

  • Header Background Color - The opacity slider has no effect on the header background color. It's not possible to set a partial transparency for this color.
  • Transparent on Banner Images - When unchecked, the banner and page content move down and the site header content displays over the background color at the top of the page. When checked, the header content displays over the banner or page.
  • Site Title Font - Site title tweaks don’t display if you replace the site title with a logo.
  • Site Title Color
  • Site Title Container Width - Set the width of the site title container. If the container is narrower than the site title, the site title will wrap.
  • Logo Container Width - Set the width of the logo container. The maximum height is fixed at about 100 pixels; once the logo reaches that height it will no longer scale up. The logo won’t become larger than the uploaded image. The Main Navigation will take up the rest of the space to the right of the logo container.