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Off-Grid or Stand Alone Systems

If you are living in an area where the electricity grid just isn't available or could be cost prohibitive to have it supplied to your property, solar power can be the answer.

Power Partners are experts in off-grid systems and can provide an energy assessment to ensure the solar power system is designed for your needs and can power the energy usage of your home, property or business.Power Partners use only the highest quality and durable components, so they are rugged and durable for the harsh Australian conditions, giving you years of hassle free solar power.


Home Solar Power Systems

Solar power is a great way to reduce your electricity bill at home. But how big should a solar system be and what makes a good system from a bad one?

Now that feed in tariffs, the rate you get paid for giving excess power to the electricity grid, have dropped, the size of your system should relate to your daytime electricity use. This is because when you use the power from your solar system in your home it is worth the usual rate you would have paid for electricity. However if your solar system produces power that you don’t need and it is exported you will receive less, and in some areas nothing, for this feed in.


Solar Power for Your Business

Commercial Solar make sense for many businesses, providing great savings on operational costs.

Today, in Australia, more than 90% of power generation is provided by coal or gas, and the balance of less than 10% is provided from a range of renewable sources. Business leaders from both the corporate and government sectors are turning to solar power to reduce their carbon footprints, manage their energy needs and walk the talk on renewable energy.

Power Partners are Australia’s leading network of solar power dealers with deep expertise in the installation of on-grid solar power systems for industrial, commercial, corporate and government businesses. 

Who are the Power Partners?


With over 85 members Australia wide,
Power Partners is the leading dealer group of its kind in the renewable energy industry, combining best of breed product with years of solar power experience that can't be matched.

Power Partners offer solar sales and service to retail and commercial customer's right throughout Australia.

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Can you ever make cash off a hot tin roof?


If you think solar power is a good investment, you're hardly alone. Solar panels will generate close to 10 per cent of the nation's daytime electricity this summer.

In South Australia, it will reach 30 per cent. In all, 1.15 million Australian homes and businesses have installed solar electricity systems and demand is growing.

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Article excerpt from the Sydney Morning Herald

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