You can feel safe and secure using Power Partners, Australia’s largest group of Clean Energy Council accredited quality installers, combining best of breed product with experience that can’t be matched. Our unique network of 100+ quality installers give you access to YOUR community based solar installer and the confidence of the backing of world-class brands.

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Your Power Partners installer provides complete solar and battery storage solutions from leading manufacturers. While your solar production peaks during midday, energy usage is highest in the morning and evening when most people are home. With a Power Partners storage solution you can save the energy you produce for when you need it most.


Typical Systems


Residential Solar System

Installing solar saves you money and gets you some independence from the continued pain of rising electricity costs.


Residential Storage

You’ve turned on the sun with solar and now you want to use that solar at night! Now you can with battery storage.


Solar for Business

Whether you’re a small, medium or large sized business, commercial solar solutions make serious sense. 

3 Easy Steps!


Step 1

Just fill in the easy form below and we’ll be in contact straight away. Need more than 1 quote? No worries, a number of our Power Partners can get in contact with you.


Step 2

Your chosen Power Partner will install the package most suited to you, supported by the global-leading Power Partner brands. 


Step 3

Save! Whether you choose just solar or solar and storage, you’ll see the benefits. You’ll also learn more about your family consumption habits through smart energy monitoring and take back control.


Turn on smarter storage.

SMA’s Sunny Places provides you real-time monitoring of your solar and battery storage system. Make smarter decisions on your storage system by viewing your household consumption and the charging status of your battery
storage system.